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Yoga Journey

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 5 years now. During my quarantine I decided to do an online yoga teacher training from Intention Factor and it was the best thing I did in 2020. I am now a certified yoga teacher and I teach around 3 times a week. I thought I would share my Yoga Journey with you and how I got into it, and why I love it so much.

Getting Started

I was newly out of college when I started doing yoga. Stressed out. Didn't really want to work out, but wanted to do something active. I did a 10 day trial at a local studio and absolutely loved it. It was a vinyasa style yoga so it was fast paced, and more athletic. By the way, vinyasa just means flow. So you're flowing from one pose into another. The classes were too expensive for me at the time to continue to go to, so I had to find another route. I ended up finding Travis Eliot and his videos. He sounds like a calming Matthew McConaughey. He teaches an array of classes so there was something for everyone.

I kept my home practice strong then I found this YouTube and Instagram account called Yoga by Candace. I would do some of her videos and challenges that she'd have at the time. I also took advantage of the warmer months and some outdoor yoga opportunities that were popping up in my area.

Funny story, my boyfriend joined me one time for yoga in the park. He came in Jorts (jean shorts), had his keys in his pockets. Oh and he didn't have a yoga mat, haha.

Yoga Teacher Training

I kept following these yoga accounts and saw that Candace had a yoga teacher training. I thought wow, that would be so awesome. Usually they were in some exotic places and you had to be gone for a few weeks at a time. This wasn't feasible for my work schedule, so I just kept practicing on my own.

Then COVID hit and everything shutdown. I saw that she was doing a virtual teacher training. I told myself if I couldn't do it now, then I would never do it. It was hard to manage but it was so worth it. Now I work at a local women's gym teaching yoga and starting this summer, I will be teaching yoga in the park. Full Circle.

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