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The Best Summer Yarns

It's summer time and that means I am knitting and crocheting all the things I want to wear. stay tuned for a post on knitting dresses, or if you can't wait, here's a crochet crop top pattern. Today, I wanted to talk about my favorite summer yarns and why I love them


Cotton is the best yarn for summer time. It's breathable and also washable. Below are a few of the cotton yarns I always pick up at Michael's or JoAnns

Hippie Yarn - this is new to me but I absolutely love the color ways !

Caron Cotton Cakes - These are the best! So much you can do, so many color ways, and so affordable. Also, there's usually sales or coupons for these yarns and all of the others I mention from Michaels too.

Raffia Yarn

Raffia Yarn - This is from Amazon, so super convenient (a little too convenient for me.) But this yarn is perfect to make a woven hat for the beach, or the perfect beach bag. There is also one from Wool and The Gang that is wonderful and comes in many different colors as well.

What's your favorite yarn to use for your summer projects?

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