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Summer Hats

Hats are a staple winter piece, but I also love a good hat in the spring and summer time. I thought I would put together a post of my favorite types of summer hats

Benefits of Summer Hats

  1. Hides dirty hair (this is honestly the best reason)

  2. Protects color treated hair from the sun

  3. Some hats cover your face from the sun

My Favorite Summer Hats

A Baseball Cap - there's nothing better than this for me. My favorite one is a classic adidas baseball hat. I have one in a denim style, and a white one and I will probably get another one (or 5) this summer. The key for me is that it's adjustable in the back. My head is small so I need hats to be adjustable. Sometimes I wear my hat backwards and the cute hardware on the back doesn't press into my forehead which is a good thing.

Another option that I have that's a cute twist on a classic baseball hat is the LuluLemon Tie Back Hat. The tie back bow is so cute for after a yoga class, an outdoor class, a walk with friends, or going to the beach with cute suit.

Because of the bill on the hat it also is a good way to cover your face from the sun which is something I'm trying to focus on.

Wide Brimmed Hats - is there anything better than a wide brimmed hat on the beach or by the pool or even when you're just lounging out? The best part about these is that they also cover your face from the sun and add some protection. I like this classic one from Abercrombie and it's pretty sturdy. If you're looking for one that's a little bit more fabulous (still affordable) but will make you feel expensive is this scalloped embroidery hat.

Are you a hat person? What's your favorite one to wear ?

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