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Reupholstering A Chair - Part 1

I have been wanting a "big" project to do for quite some time now. One idea was upcycling a a dresser, but I couldn't find one with the right bones that I had wanted. Then I wanted to create a very specific mirror (a dupe for the antrhopologie one) but I couldn't find anything the right shape. And one day I saw on Facebook marketplace 2 free wingback chairs and I knew I had to have them.

Here's a picture of what they look like when I got them.

I should start by saying that I have never done anything like this! So naturally I went straight to YouTube and found a bunch of videos on how to do it. The first step was to un-upholster the chairs. Honestly, this was probably the hardest and most labor intensive part of the project so far.

Make sure you get this staple remover tool, and I suggest a long metal screwdriver as well. It helps you get into the nooks and cranny's in case the staple is too hard to pull out on your own. Be careful on your wrists and make sure you're not slouching too much. Once again, this was the hardest part for us, but we decided to get that done before moving to anything else.

Pro Tip: Once you have un-upholstered as much as you can, keep as many of the original pieces as you can and label them. So for example "right wing" or "left armchair" "Front piece" or "back piece." Trust me this will make your next steps much easier.

Once you have the skeleton of the chair it's time to go shopping for new fabric.

We ended up going to Joann's where we found this beautiful blue velvety fabric, I believe I bought 8 yards worth and it was on sale (always check the coupons!). I may need more because I forgot that I have to sew new pillows for the chair as well, so stay tuned on that.

So far that's what I have done with my new project and I am so excited to keep going. Next week I'll share more progress pics and where I'm at with everything.

Let's Chat

Have you ever reupholstered a chair? What else do I need to know!

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