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Jump Roping

I like this workout Wednesday series that I have kind of committed to. Last week's post was about Yoga and my journey with that. This week I thought I would show you what I do when I need to get in a quick workout.

Jump Roping

I bought this jump rope off of Amazon. It's a speed rope and it's adjustable. It comes with everything you need to make it the perfect length for you.

They also sell cordless ones which are nice if you plan to work out inside, or in an apartment.

I was never a great jump roper to begin with, but practice makes progress. I also watched a few videos on how to jump rope, what your posture should be like, and how you should continue to practice.

You want your wrists to do the work, and your body to just stay relaxed while jumping. You also don't want to jump too high, here's a video of how to's.

20 Minutes is the perfect quick workout for me. Now don't get me wrong, I am not continually jumping in a row, but I try to go as long as I can.

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