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Goals Check In

Let's not even get into how long it's been since my last post because...it's been forever. But, just because I haven't been active on here doesn't mean I haven't been work work working. What better way to get back into this blog than to check in on some of my goals. If you need a recap, check out my original 2021 goals here.

New Website

Well, here we are! New site...even if it's barely used haha. But I was able to connect my storefront with patterns and handmade items. Check that out here. I am planning to create even more patterns and products as time goes on so stay tuned there.

Blogging More Intentionally

I mean...this is a fail, but that doesn't mean we can't fix it ! I have currently created a content calendar and I am determined to sticking to it. The only way for me to do it is to schedule blogging into my day to day life. I am a list loving freak and basically, if it's not on the list it's not happening.

Side note, I am trying out some online/app based programs for my lists so that I can always stay connected and add reminders, and use some new features to see how I like it. I'll be writing up some reviews and hopefully I find the best to do list apps.

Being More Real

Based on the content calendar that I am going to commit to, I would say this goal is working in nicely. I am planning some fashion posts, home décor, workouts and things like that. What are some things you'd like to see more of ?

Get Back to Filming

Well...I actually have gotten back to filming but mostly for yoga videos. In addition to that I am filming a little series on this project I randomly decided to work on. Like I needed something else to do...haha

Well, those were my goals for 2021. I think it's important to know that even if you set up some goals at the beginning of the year and you check in and see you're not as far along as you had hoped...don't get discouraged! There's always time and it's never too late to start back up.

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