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Current Workout Schedule

I try to switch up my workout routine about every 4-6 weeks. There's a few reasons for this. First, I get bored quickly. Second, it's good to switch your workouts up every now and then because your body needs to keep guessing in order to continue seeing results. If you do the same types of workouts you may begin to plateau and get a little discouraged, so it's best to avoid that by switching up your workouts.

My Workouts

My current workout routine is about 5 days of workouts. Below is a sample schedule of what I usually do in a week

Monday - Cardio /HIIT workout

Tuesday - Strength, lower body focus

Wednesday - Walk/yoga/run/active recovery (depends on how I'm feeling)

Thursday - Strength, upperbody and core

Friday - OFF

Saturday - Yoga ( I teach), and outdoor activity weather permitting

Sunday - Yoga ( I teach)

For my HIIT workouts or my strength workouts I always start and end with either a sprint on my treadmill, or recently I've just started using my jump rope again. Just helps get my heart rate up and gets me focused for my workout.

Wednesdays are kind of my "how I'm feeling" days. It's the middle of the week, if I'm stressed then I go on a walk and listen to a podcast. If I'm angry I'm listening to all the gangster rap while running through my suburban neighborhood lol. Or maybe I'm just looking for a little yoga movement.

Friday's I take off, mainly because we'll have plans on Fridays or go to Dinner or something like that.

What are your workouts?

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