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Current Favorites

Thought I would scoop in and show you some of my current favorites.


Levi's 501's are what I am living in, investing in, and wearing all the time. I have had a single pair last me for years so they are definitely worth the money in my opinion. Now I have a good mix of straight-leg jeans and skinny jeans. Am I Cheugy?

Jump Rope

You can read all about my jump roping workouts here, but I think they're perfect for cardio when you don't have a lot of time or you hate running like me.

Dip Powder Nails

Before the pandemic I used to always get my nails done with dip powder. I haven't gotten them done in over a year and honestly, I saved so much money. My coworker told me she did her own nails using dip powder and taught herself. Clearly, I asked her for help and ordered a kit off of amazon with some neutral colors.

There is definitely a learning curve, but I'm getting better each time and the whole kit (which will last me for so long) is cheaper than one appointment at the nail salon.

Tuna Steak

A few weeks ago I found some tuna steaks at the supermarket and I picked them up and made some tuna steaks with rice on the side. It's so delicious and my boyfriend, who doesn't love fish, loves these as well. Win!

What are some of your favorites?

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