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2021 - Let's Do This

Well, full disclosure this post is coming one month too late. Woops. But that's only because a few weeks ago I decided to completely change my website and user experience, which was a goal I had in 2021 anyway. Early start, right? Anyway, Now that I have this site up and running for the most part, it's time to go over what I'm planning for 2021 - let's d this.

New Site Who This?

As you can see, the site has changed and I am loving the vibes and the simplicity of it. While there are a few things I need to understand on my end, the front end is coming together quite nicely!

2021 Goals

So, I thought I would list out some of my goals this year and maybe, you can let me know some of your goals as well!

  • New website, design, layout and store front - a full year goal and happy to see some of it is already being chipped away at

  • Blogging more intentionally - I used to love blogging and writing posts and content. But sometimes it felt like I was just making a post to check off a box This year I want to create content that I think is relevant and interesting. If you have ideas, please leave them in the comments!

  • Being more real - I am 1001Knits, but I have other interests! So just being more real with you guys as well as with myself I think is going to be more interesting for me this year...even though sometimes I am scared at the thought.

  • Get back to Filming - This is so important to me this year I really want to get my YouTube page back up and running...so make sure you check it out and subscribe to get notified when I post new videos!

I'll start with those goals, and then check back in with me at the end of February to see where I'm at !

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